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    Welcome To Visit Zhejiang Rongsheng Paper Industry Holding Co., Ltd. Website
      Company Profile | Honor | Development Through | Development Strategy | Video Playback
      Company News | Industry News
    Welcome To Visit Zhejiang Rongsheng Paper Industry Holding Co., Ltd. Website
    Welcome To Visit Zhejiang Rongsheng Paper Industry Holding Co., Ltd. Website
    Welcome To Visit Zhejiang Rongsheng Paper Industry Holding Co., Ltd. Website
      Employment Strategy | Recruitment
    Welcome To Visit Zhejiang Rongsheng Paper Industry Holding Co., Ltd. Website
    Company Profile
    Development Through
    Development Strategy
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      Rong Sheng paper combine enterprise "s current situation, put forward the following development strategy; focus strategy; vertical integration strategy; low cost strategy, optimize the organizational structure, improve management efficiency.

      A.centralized growth strategy
      Rong Sheng Paper located in the Yangtze River Delta region, the region developed manufacturing industry, the transportation is convenient, the influence of radiation. The external environment in this region, the Yangtze River Delta economic activity, the output and consumption of paper products is relatively large, such as domestic corrugated paper production has been unable to meet the market demand, market supply, and even the need to rely on imports to compensate for the lack of space. Paper products order delivery period is short, product circulation speed, market tracking feedback sensitive, broad market, huge consumption potential. The company marketing network covering Jiangsu, customer base is strong, high customer satisfaction. At the same time, the price of the company"s products is lower than the same 2 - - 5, a slight advantage in price. In this case, the use of centralized growth strategy, the existing strengths, to further improve the product line, improve product quality, improve after-sales service, in order to rapidly expand the market.

      B.Vertical integration strategy
      Paper products tend to develop in the direction of high strength and low weight, and the lower end paper enterprises are eliminated in the competition. Linerboard and corrugating medium the customer is not the end consumer, after further processing of packaging enterprises, the products to enter the consumer market. And these products are green packaging materials can be recycled, in line with national environmental policy. With the development of the country"s new industrialization, domestic enterprises are facing the direction of energy saving, environmental protection, high quality and high quality production, and some foam and plastic packaging products are eliminated in the competition. With the superior environment and market opportunities, the integration strategy of Rong Sheng has more potential, technological transformation of enterprises competitive opportunities. At the same time, enterprises in the production of some products, packaging, processing, extend the industrial chain, expand the scope of existing enterprises, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and the overall strength. At present, Rongsheng thermoelectric "three furnace two machine" cogeneration projects have been put into use, centralized power supply heating at the same time, carton factory can expand the company"s business scope and deal with some bad products, basically realize industrial forward and backward integration.

      C.Low cost leadership strategy
      In the face of fierce market competition, the company still has many problems in production and management. First of all, although a number of technical transformation of enterprises, but the overall scale is not large, the scale is not obvious. Secondly, the company has not yet established a class paper product brand effect, the proportion of high value-added products in the leading product is smaller, leading products in the domestic market share is not high. On the financial front, the accounts receivable period is short. Management, as a manufacturing enterprise, the company staff culture quality and work skills is low, some ideas and the external environment in which senior management personnel overall leadership and innovation ability and the market demand there is still a certain distance. Although in recent years, the company has introduced a lot of production and management professionals, but the rapid development of the market situation, the talent is still scarce, the overall management level is relatively backward, the lack of executive power. Therefore, enterprises with the rapid development of the national economy and technical level to speed up the situation, intensify the introduction of talents, technology and other special training, optimize the organizational structure, improve management efficiency; improve research ability, especially the technical ability to use, improve the enterprise development, production capacity of high-end products, expand the scale of enterprises, occupy a certain advantage in continuous the growth in paper industry.

      D.The company mission
      Rong Sheng mission: to create a better life, "paper" for an oasis.

      E.The company values
      Rong Sheng: values and customers and seek common development, create wealth for shareholders, employees and common progress, create value for society.
      Value is a kind of public commitment to express its social responsibility. Rong Sheng values embodied in the social responsibility, focus on staff development, welfare concern, attention to environmental protection. The Rongsheng, its value lies in, through the joint efforts of all Shengren Rong, Rong Sheng to become all of its customers friends, mutual benefit, cooperation and development; strive to increasing shareholder value is the bounden duty of Rong Sheng, Rong Sheng that shareholders have the most valuable and safe assets; Rong Sheng with the staff of honor, to make every employee for yourself is a proud Sheng Rong Rong Sheng; for the state rich, strong and prosperous social harmony and stability, to make their own contribution.

      F.The company vision
      Rong Sheng vision: to become industry as the core industry group, a hundred years to build the advantage of enterprise.
      The enterprise of scientific operation, intensive production management, technical structure of modernization, diversification of marketing; adhere to Scientific Outlook on Development, transformation and new combination of sustainable industry development path, truly realize the "hundred years of Rong Sheng plastic, the grand goal of building a first-class enterprise".
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